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A Break in the Clouds

After weeks of snow and rain, the clouds have broken for a time. The sun once again has poured over our frosty landscape and illuminated our jagged peaks! Many are out soaking up these precious rays, not only people but animals too. This weekend we saw several deer, bison, eagles, a stray coyote, elk, turkeys, and more. It's as if our world thrives under the abundance of our generous sun!

The arrival of the weekend came as a great relief as I have spent dozens of hours on campus trying to complete my final semester of college with some measure of grace. Calculus and Physics have been the sole residents of my mind lately, whisking me away to theoretical lands in which I soon become totally lost. I needed a moment in the highlands around us, to simply breathe the brisk mountain air would be enough. These two trips (one Saturday, and one today) did more than enough to lift my spirits and rejuvenate my soul!

The Tetons showed themselves in full glory today, bathed in white and sparkling in the morning sun. They beckoned us to explore, so explore we did! No moose showed today, unfortunately, but after I got over that, I found so much to be grateful for! The pictures from our trips point to a few things that stood out to me. The mountains always grab my attention, especially when arrayed in billowing dancing clouds. The deer really made an appearance, with several hours of my time spent watching a few of them glide swiftly through the deep snow as they weaved through thick forests and across frozen streams. The eagles were active too. Several flew high over our heads, while others rested along the rivers and feasted on fresh fish. I love this region so much! I imagine y'all are tired of hearing the same stories. Yet, are they the same? Truly, every day brings new challenges and therefore, adventure! No drive or hike is ever the same. Even as the seasons change, the world is constantly moving and shaking, as well as all the creatures on her face. It is difficult for me to be bored when I see so much around me!

So with that said, enjoy a few of my favorite shots from this weekend!

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