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East Idaho's Lazy River 😎

Whether you are looking for a cool soak on a hot summer day or prefer watercraft to navigate the winding channels, Warm Slough is a very popular site among the locals for leisurely floating and swimming. Warm Slough hosts a variety of campgrounds and public areas used primarily for overnight stays as well as bonfires and BBQs. Wildlife is plentiful in the area year-round with deer, moose, owls, rabbits, eagles, coyotes, and more that make this calmer section of the Snake River, home. Fishing is allowed with a license but can be difficult at times with the crowds that are drawn during the warmer months.

One of my favorite spots to relax after a busy day, or used as a proving ground for all my wild camping ideas, Warm Slough is another great spot close to town. Only a 15 min drive from Rexburg, this is a popular spot for many college kids during the warmer months, so if you are looking for a quiet evening on the water, I would choose a more remote location.

Warm Slough is monitored regularly by police to dispel any wild ideas people have, but as long as you are following the law, there is no need to worry if you see officers regularly patrolling the area. A good spot to bring the family for an afternoon, Warm Slough remains one of my most visited spots with my friends and family that live in town. Each experience I have had at this location has been unique and memorable! I highly recommend checking it out! Here are a few pictures from some of my trips there! Enjoy!

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Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet
Feb 12, 2021

I enjoy seeing the beauty through your eyes / photos! 😍😊

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