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Summertime Sunset in the Valley

The birds sang wildly through the trees as we drove along the bumpy road through Cartier Slough. Sunlight poured through the distant clouds on the horizon and bathed the land below. The smell of fresh rain hung in the air and filled our lungs. For one blissful hour the world seemed to stand still and I felt at peace. An anxious mind at rest.

The beauty of the valley is centered on the winding river and its surrounding wetlands. Wetland wildlife was abundant tonight, filling the air with all sorts of curious sounds; a natural symphony. Nearby, farm fields danced in the light breeze while horses and cattle roamed the tall grass in the adjacent pastures. The rural life seemed to pass so much slower than that of the city just up the hill. With an unobstructed view of the western sky, we watched the sun set over the fields. A beautiful Sunday evening!

Even something as simple as a drive to the country is enough to satisfy a yearning soul. I love this dynamic planet of ours! What a place to call home.

Enjoy a few pictures from tonight, and stay safe out there! Stay tuned for pictures of Field Camp coming soon!

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Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet
20 de jun. de 2022

Beautiful photos and words! Love the visual both ways!! Fills these yearning eyes and heart with such dear ID beauty!! Glad you got to go for your needed, healing drive!!

Hope Field Camp goes well for you this week! So pleased we can keep in touch!! 💓😍🤟💕

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