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Hi there, my name is Scott Sweet. I am currently working on graduating with a Bachelors in geology from Brigham Young University - Idaho. BYU-I is located in Rexburg, a growing town in East Idaho. Since the beginning of my college education I have run into far too many people that declare, rather emphatically, that there is nothing to do in Rexburg. In one sense, I agree with that, as this growing town can feel rather small after several years of living here. Without a car, this college town begins to feel like a cage. However, in another sense, I have made an effort to prove these people wrong. Rexburg is located perfectly between beautiful locations such as the Tetons to the east, the Lemhi and Lost River ranges to the West, Island Park to the North, and several towns to the south. All of these can be seen from the top of the hill in town and are all within only a couple hours of town. I have found incredible beauty nestled in the peaks and valleys surrounding me! I would love to help others see that beauty too, so that they, like me, can come to love this place I call home! 

I love to capture the beauty I find around me through several mediums including paints, photos, and words. I began painting shortly before arriving in Rexburg in 2018. Since that time I have painted regularly, with the subject of many paintings revolving around the many hikes and views I have had the pleasure of seeing out here. A full portfolio of my work can be found on my Instagram page. 

Originally from Virginia and having spent most of my life in Texas and other southern states, the mountains have fascinated me for years. I love the peace and clarity found in the crisp air and cascading waters, and the rising peaks and stretching valleys. The cares of modern life seem insignificant in comparison to the majesty of mountains.  When life has brought me down, I have found elevation of heart and mind in the solitude of the surrounding peaks. 

I am grateful for the many friends and my family for their company and provision of means to explore as I have. Without them, none of these experiences would have been possible. 

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"If an Egg Is Broken by Outside Force, Life Ends. If Broken by Inside Force, Life Begins: Great Things Always Begin from Inside"

P. Pewter

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