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A New Spot: Yellowstone Rangers' Station!?

We took a drive towards Sheep Falls tonight! Only a few miles from the trail head, we ran into snow that impeded our journey any further, so my friends and I decided to check out more of the back roads in the area. I was shocked when we stumbled upon the south-western most entrance of Yellowstone! Bechler Ranger Station in western Wyoming marks the edge of Yellowstone National Park, and features over half a dozen hikes, rangers' quarters, picnic areas, etc. There is so much potential for exploring out there. Countless roads veer off the main route that takes you from Ashton to Sheep Falls. We tried to explore what we could, but it looks like the road continues on into Yellowstone and into the Tetons. There are several lakes and rivers that you can hike to from the Ranger Station, I look forward to seeing what views those hikes offer! I'll keep y'all posted on what else we find out there, but it looks like the dirt road to this area opens in mid-late May. So buckle up and get on the road, you won't be disappointed!

These pictures were taken from all over the greater Ashton and Targhee Forest area tonight. Enjoy!!

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