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Another Spot: The Ice Caves! ❄

I finally made it out to this next spot about an hour north of Rexburg. Important: only accessible by 4-wheel drive vehicles with good clearance. The road is one of the worst I have been on up here. Also, we didn't get to explore the cave much because there is about 6 inches of ice cold water lining the floor of the cave for as far as we could see. With the snow still here in the hills, it is unlikely this cave will be explorable until June. However, with all that in mind, I definitely recommend checking this place out! It is literally a giant hole in the ground where a lava tube roof has collapsed exposing dozens of feet of basaltic rock and a gaping hole beneath it.

Moose tracks were present in the area and marmots dove in and out of the rock crevasses surrounding the cave. I imagine had we visited in the morning or evening we would have seen more wildlife. Mud nests, likely belonging to birds lined the cave rim.

A truly remarkable area, one that has been on my list of places to at least visit once, and I'll be honest, I will gladly return so I can explore the cave and spend more time at this unique feature in the rugged landscape.

Here are a few pictures from today's adventures, enjoy!!

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