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Smoky Skies and Forest Fires

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

It is difficult to express how devastating the western fires have been this year. I mourn the loss of tens of thousands of acres of woodlands, homes, and businesses. A lot of what makes Idaho so beautiful are the countless mountain views and stunning alpine lakes and rivers. Rolling hills and farms, as far as the eye can see, are the perfect backdrop to this rugged paradise. Lately, all of this has been shrouded, masked by the ever-present smoke, the lingering stench of burning beauty.

Yet, through it all, people are finding ways to get out and enjoy what they can. In unexpected ways, a different beauty can be found. From moody skies painted red by the evening sun, to stunning layering in the hills and mountains, to gorgeous reflections, and the still, green forests. There is good to be found. Hope exists, and, if sought after, can fill your heart with peace and joy!

The fires that burn need to happen. Yin Yang ☯, Light and darkness; life and death. It is all apart of the forests' death and rebirth. If only it wasn't so devastating to life and property. Things happen for a reason. As annoying as that sounds. As frustrating as it all is, I hope you can find that bit of goodness within it all, that dot of light in the darkness. It is there, I promise!

Here are photos taken this last month from as far as Coeur d'Alene to the Sawtooths. Enjoy!!

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