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A Sawtooth Adventure!

Featuring 2 adorable golden retrievers: Enzo and Jasper ❤

This weekend's trip has come to a grand closure as we found our way to the Sawtooth Mountain Range south of Stanley. Located about 2.5 hours from Boise and 3.5 hours from Rexburg, this impressive range is tucked neatly away from sight, only showing its stunning peaks as you round the nearest bend on the two-lane highways that converge on this remarkable landscape. Highway 21 has to be one of the prettiest mountain drives I have ever driven! Beginning at the Lucky Peak Reservoir just outside of Boise, then snaking through the trees up to just over 7000 ft, this two-lane highway takes you into the deep wilderness of Idaho. Crisp mountain air, accented by the songs of birds and insects, fills your lungs as you drive, windows down, through the long mountain pass. Arriving in Stanley, you are met with a rugged mountain front that stretches for miles to the south. I'm struck breathless every time I lay eyes on these gorgeous peaks!

Our daytrip in the mountains culminated at the Fishhook Creek Trail, a 5 mile out-and-back trail, beginning at the Redfish Creek Trailhead, which leads you along a bubbling brook - turned raging stream in the Spring, through forest, and ending at a serene mountain meadow. The same meadow I will be painting for the mural in July! I snapped a few more detailed shots of the peaks and trees so I can be more familiar with their shapes and colors.

Enzo and Jasper absolutely loved this trail! We kept them off leash most of the time, only leashing them when other dogs showed along the trail. The snow has stuck around a lot longer this year compared to last, so there were parts of the trail with over a foot of thick slush. The dogs played endlessly in the abundant water and ice, quickly getting themselves, and consequently us, muddy. The afternoon sun and 70° weather quickly dried us out, even burning our skin slightly as we hiked.

The snow-capped peaks of the Sawtooths shone brightly in the afternoon sun. I am so grateful to live only a few hours away from such a stunning place! The pictures only do so much. To fully realize what these mountains have to offer takes hours of basking in unique locations in and around them for hours and days.

Enjoy a few pictures from our trip!

p.s. My summer geology field camp starts tomorrow! I am excited to share my journey with you with posts of the week's adventure coming each weekend for the next 6 weeks! Stay tuned 😊

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