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As promised, more pictures! - Wolf Flats

Not gonna lie, I visited Wolf Flats 4 times in 4 days this last week, and loved every second of it! I love showing people around the areas I have grown to love, it brings me a lot of joy to see them at peace and light up when they too enjoy the spots.

The first trip out to this newly discovered spot of mine was on a rainy and foggy day. Quite the contrast from the 3 other trips I took out there. I scouted out camping and hiking locations along the dirt road that takes you into the gorge. There are at least 4 unnamed but marked trails, 3 side roads, and dozens of campfire and camping spots along the river and into adjacent valleys.

I also had the opportunity to paint on location at the established boat ramp in a narrow section of the canyon. I wrote briefly about the peace I find while I plein air paint in my other more recent blog post. Wolf Flats and Warm Springs are remarkably quiet, free of unnatural sounds, even with a dozen or so people that we passed along the way, there was a sense of calm and a hint of true wild country that emanated from the very ground beneath us and the scenery around us. It is difficult to describe in words.

Again, I highly recommend visiting this area, especially if you are need of solitude and healing surrounded by nature. Here are more pictures, enjoy!!

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