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Autumn Rains

It's that time of year again! The leaves are changing, the air is cooling, and snow has begun to blanket the high peaks. Nature is beginning its wind-down as it prepares for the long winter months ahead.

Our drive this week took us to the National Parks. The Tetons and Yellowstone remain crowd favorites even this late into the season. I was surprised by the amount of traffic we encountered exiting the west gate of Yellowstone well past dark. Regardless, we managed to still find quiet moments alone with the remarkable scenery. Our focus this trip was the fall colors, but what we found was even more spectacular! Of course, the pictures don't do justice, but the time of day we were out and about combined with the low clouds and dense, abundant rainfall led to the brightest rainbow either of us had seen! The colors were like neon and we couldn't stop exclaiming over the magnitude at which the rainbow shined. It's translucence was visible as it passed hills and trees, but just above the ground and into the sky, the rainbow dominated our vision, captivating our view. We thought the experience would be short-lived but instead the rainbow persisted for a half-hour at least, and with every passing minute becoming brighter and brighter.

The evening light shone into the yellow and orange foliage of the valley, truly a golden hour as the whole landscape shone before us. We found peace. The drive through the thick trees in the north area of Teton National Park was so calming as we passed through a shaded corridor with patches of golden light flashing in our eyes ever so softly. The light, pouring under the thick clouds above the mountains, illuminated the deep narrow glacial valleys of the Tetons. These rugged peaks appear so different in unique lighting. Certain features are accented when the main peaks are hidden from view. For my artist eye, this drive was like candy at every turn!

Moose, bison, elk, and deer have begun to frequent the valleys and rivers of the parks. Rutting season is in full swing, and the animals are active. Be mindful as you explore, respect their space and admire from a distance.

I love these places, each time I go I am reminded of the majesty and grandeur of our planet. Every detail has so much depth. The fall colors should be around for another week or so, now's the time to get out and see them!

For now, enjoy a few of our favorite shots from our trip!

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Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet
11. Okt. 2023

I just saw this!

The 🌈rainbows are stunning!!!

I shared these beautiful Fall / Autumn photos with the Grands today; went perfect with today, including a song about rainbows!! 😁👍👍

Gefällt mir
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