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The Winds of Change

A great deal has happened these last few months during my absence from the blog. Illness in the family, a trip home to Texas, a vacation to Florida, drives, new adventures and experiences, a new job, and so much more. Most importantly, I found the love of my life! More on that later.

Through the whirlwind of what life has been throwing our way, I have been reminded of the importance of quiet moments. Moments in which I can feel and reflect. Moments of bliss where everything is perfect and beautiful. Moments of pain where what I need most is to feel through the anguish. Moments in which I look deep into the eyes of she who has chosen me, despite my weakness and insecurities, and see my (our) forever. It's in moments like these where I have found solace and peace, hope and love.

What does it mean to live? We all have had moments in life where we can truly say we have felt alive. Exhilarating adventures and feats of strength or agility can make you feel unstoppable, like you are flying. A vibrant sunset on a calm evening with all the right sights, sounds, and smells, or being in the presence of a child lost in the world of imagination. You can feel life, tangibly, awaken within you. Is it the fear of or acknowledgment of death and the frailty of life that reminds us to reminisce in the beauty of a moment or truly see and love those around us?

I watched a documentary on the life of Abraham Lincoln this past week. A man, born in obscurity but who rose to lasting fame, went through hell, was surrounded by hell, watched his loved ones die and saw his country tear itself apart. What did life mean to him? He's just a man, no different than you or I. Is that true? What if the perceived greatness of a man or a woman is in their ability to persevere, never give up. Against all odds, what if you got back up again after falling and failing? What are the consequences of faith? We tend to talk about consequences in terms of the negatives, but what about the positive consequences of positive actions, words, and thoughts?

My new job, that I will start soon, will be taking emergency calls as a 911 dispatcher for the county (including several cities in the area). I am about to embark on a career in which I hear about, become involved in, and assist people through their worst days. I want to help people and make a difference in the world.

I can assure you my art career is not lost or being tossed aside. I have loved participating in markets and craft fairs across the region this winter and hope to continue to do so. I have also had the opportunity to teach classes and workshops at the Teton Art School in Driggs. I paint when I can, and still love exploring the mountains and river valleys that surround us. My dear fiancé is a water bug, so expect photos and accounts of the many waterways we explore this summer! I will appear in markets and shows as I can and as my schedule permits. I am also volunteering with the Bingham Art Council in my free time. For now, I am moving forward looking for ways I can begin to build a life for our future family.

Here are photos from the last few months of adventure, enjoy!!

For reference, those are manatees in the water in Florida, a shark fin too.

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I'm so happy you've come so far! I'm so excited that you found someone and are finding joy in life and your art! good luck with your new job! haha I've heard you take countless calls in your previous job so I know they are getting an experienced and talented employee! I hope we can reconnect at some point!

Your friend


Replying to

I appreciate you Matai!! Thank you for the kind words and for reaching out


You're back, hooray!!

I read your post out loud to your Dad - he said, "that's really neat!"

We're pleased your back with news, insights, heart's understandings realized, and especially your beautiful photos!!

Enjoyed the inspiring and inspired read, and photos!

Again, always, we appreciate you sharing!! 💓

Replying to

We love you❣️💕

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