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To Our Forever 💜

On the banks of the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park, I got down on one knee to propose a life in which we could have countless wonderful adventures together as husband and wife. She said yes!!

Yellowstone is a special place. A unique place! I'm grateful for the efforts of many over the last century and a quarter to preserve and protect such wild and beautiful land. I am grateful that one day we will be able to take our children there and bask in the beauty of the land where we fell in love.

Our beautiful day was not inherently a good day for adventure as we were hailed and rained on while exploring the boardwalks of the Grand Prismatic spring and the other geothermal features. The wind was whipping at over 30mph through the river canyons and the sun hid behind thick clouds most of the day. But at our spot, and for only a few brief but stunning moments, the sun broke through and the wind calmed. All we could hear was the babbling of the water close by, the songs of birds, and the tops of the trees dancing in the breeze. It was the time, place, and she is my person!

We were met with herds of bison on and off the road in the park, and a mother moose with her calf in Island Park on the way home. Hawks, eagles, and crows soared in the strong winds, and squirrels darted tree to tree. The park was alive and teaming with excitement as the snow continues to melt and Spring rolls in.

This day will long be remembered in our history. For the park, it will be but another beautiful experience shared by only two out of countless many people that have stepped foot in its boundaries. Still, I like to think the earth itself finds joy in these types of moments too! What do you feel?

Here's to a life full of adventure and love!

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2 comentarios

Congratulations to you both❣️

It's wonderful that you recorded your moment at hand that you'll remember for the rest of your lives! And how significant to have the sun break through and calm for your moment!!

And yes, I believe the earth rejoices too - she knows and she responded in kind....

Beautiful post and beautiful couple! 💕

Me gusta
Contestando a

Thank you!! I agree 😊 I love you

Me gusta
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