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Bubble Bridge to Red Road Bridge - Finally!

Well we've done it! The water levels have calmed down since the spring thaw, and the day was perfect, so on the whim we made our way to Bubble Bridge to float the Henry's Fork.

The going was rough at first as a waterfall on the north bank and a canal on the south made safe passage difficult. We straddled the middle of the river, braving the abundant boulders just below the surface. A prop boat would not be able to float the upper section of our route, however, the river calms drastically and even deepens to depths 5+ ft in some sections. Beaver, bald eagle, crane, and osprey made their debut today, adding to the serenity of the float. The water was cool and refreshing, perfect for the hot days we've had lately!

I have my own inflatable kayak, which handles the rocky river bottom just fine. We also rented a kayak from BYU-I's Outdoor Resource Center. Though it appears to be top heavy, the hard-plastic kayak handled the rapids well and cuts through the water far better than ole Bessie (my inflatable).

Today was a much needed excursion to the life-center of East Idaho. Our rivers provide so much for the region! It is remarkable to reflect upon the journey of the water passing below us, from its recent beginnings (for this journey) as snow in the mountains, to then melt and fall over Mesa Falls, before passing through these meandering channels before joining the main Snake River. From there the water will continue to Twin Falls, Boise, and the Oregon countryside where it will connect with the Columbia River before flowing into the great Pacific ocean! What a journey, and only one of millions or more that these waters have taken. What a marvelous cycle, one we became a part of today!

Let me know if you have any questions on this particular float! It was an adventure, and one I recommend highly! We were the only boaters on this section of river, making for quite a nice time.

Enjoy a few shots from my phone!

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1 Comment

Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet
Jul 27, 2022

Looks really pretty and really FUN!!

Glad you maneuvered well, were safe, and the boats handled well, especially Bessie! 😊

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