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Cross Country Skiing - Teton Canyon

Christmas break is here! With the time off school, my friend and I made it to Teton Canyon for cross country skiing today. The temperature was a brisk 22 deg. F and a light snow fell on the mountains with only a faint glow of the sun peaking through. The road through the canyon (closed during the winter) is groomed and maintained for trail use. Cross country skis, bikes, and snowshoes are most commonly used to traverse the beautiful forest path.

There are many places to cross country ski here in Idaho including Harriman State Park, Mesa Falls, along a path through the towns in Teton Valley, in golf courses, on forest roads and trails, etc. We chose Teton Canyon this time as the road is well maintained and traveled. Established grooves along the road edge were easy to follow for us as it was my 4th time going and my friend's 1st. Making our own path along the uneven ground proved difficult at times, but we had a great time figuring it out! I enjoy finding a flow in these types of activities. Getting into a groove and cruising opens up your mind to focus on the beauty around you rather than the task at hand. We marveled at the misty mountains and snow covered trees, and even glimpsed a frozen waterfall high up on one of the distant cliffs. It was stunning!

Lots of dogs were on the trail today. They followed along off-leash next to and around their owners. Beyond the occasional person or group, the forest was quiet with the exception of noticeably brisk gusts of wind that would pass through the trees and stir the silence. The soft snow falling only added to the magic of the winter wonderland around us and we found ourselves stopping often to marvel at the beauty of the day.

The pictures really don't do justice to how it felt to be out there today. I would highly recommend making the trip yourself! Enjoy a few pictures from our trip.

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1 Comment

Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet
Dec 21, 2022

Beautiful!! Description of your adventure along with the stunning photos!!

I hope to try cross country skiing someday soon, particularly if it's you as our guide! 😘

Very grateful you share!!

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