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Good Ole Idaho!

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

This is a general Idaho appreciation post! We took another trip out to Wolf Flats and the Heise area just southeast of Rexburg. The evening light on the fields and hills was beautiful! I have been looking for moose for the past couple of months. The moose headed for the hills around mid April so the high plains surrounding the Tetons have been rather void of moose from what I have seen. But last night, we found two of them! They are particularly sticking to the rivers and wetlands in the canyons and mountain valleys of the area. This time of year, the moose antlers are coming in making them more dangerous. Be careful hiking out there, we have seen elk, bear, moose, deer, bison, and other large animals even just in the last week. They are out and about. If you want a great place to see wildlife, Wolf Flats is perfect! Check the water for beaver and various waterfowl too. I love how close nature is here in Idaho!

The road through Wolf Flats was recently maintained up to the first campsites making the drive far more doable for normal cars. The trees, bushes, and flowers are in full bloom and are lush this time of year. The foliage is even taking over the road in some areas. The water level is high, in the Snake River, as high temperatures have melted much of the snow pack in the hills and mountains.

The beautiful evening sunset made for a poetic evening with alpine glow and soft yellow rays of sun painting the landscape around us. Eagles soared above us crying softly, with the chirps of waterfowl and the sound of a soft breeze through the trees, we were in heaven.

Get outside! There is so much good to see out there. Here are a few pictures from our drive, enjoy!

PC: Saria Taylor and I

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