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Honorable Mentions

Yes, that's 3 posts in a day haha, that's what happens when you are in quarantine and getting lost in pictures!

Some honorable mentions of a few more places you may want to check out if you are bored some Saturday! These are only mentioned as a side note because not everyone would find them interesting, beautiful, or worth the visit.

The Teton Dam is situated northeast of Rexburg and just north of highway 33. It once dammed the Teton River for only 11 months or so. A popular site for engineers and geologists alike, the site is a big lesson of what not to do in the future. The Teton dam is a major piece of east Idaho history. Just Google the Teton dam failure and you'll have plenty to keep you occupied while in quarantine. The aftermath of the flood is still in the recent memory for many in the Snake River Valley. The dam is nothing but a dirt mound with an old graffiti-filled spillway and a few ponds. A rather eerie place, it is popular among college kids for a place to be rebellious and practice their spray-painting skills. For directions to the dam, see google maps. It will most likely take you to the eastern rim of the canyon. To get to the spillway requires off-roading and taking farm roads. I honestly couldn't tell you if even google knows how to get there lol. My friend drove us the last time I went.

Ririe Reservoir is almost due south of Rexburg, about 20 minutes away. There isn't much to the narrow reservoir though I have only visited once, but from what I have seen there are a lot of dirt roads to explore and spots to even camp in the canyon. Recent Yellowstone eruption deposits can be closely seen and studied just off the dirt road east of the reservoir that takes you into the canyon. The ash and pyroclastic material is layered quite spectacularly in my opinion as a geology student. A neat spot if you like volcanic rocks!

Here are a few pictures from these areas, enjoy!!

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