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July in Idaho!

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Idaho is undoubtedly beautiful. Many people are being drawn from around the world to witness the beauty this state has to offer. In many ways, this is exciting but daunting. This state has long been regarded as the preserved American West, a hidden American gem. It doesn't feel so hidden any more. The highways and neighborhoods are packed with people seeking to find just what makes Idaho so good.

I have mixed feelings about sharing what I find out here. I know full well that these spots could easily be overrun just like many places have across the country. It makes me happy to see people connecting with nature and experiencing the beauty of this planet. Yet, at the same time, not everyone treats this planet well, either on purpose or by accident. This planet is sacred to me, so abundant with many incredible things I cherish it with all my heart. That is why I have created this blog. To combine my favorite pictures with a few words of how I feel about each of these spots I love, on a platform where others can appreciate the planet as I do. I just hope that those who discover these spots will care for them as they ought to be cared for.

I have had the opportunity the last few days to visit a few of my favorite places including Sheep Falls, Wolf Flats, and the Henry's Fork of the Snake River near Ashton, with my family. To be able to share these incredible locations with people I love has made for cherished memories locked within each of these photos. July in Idaho is a month of abundance and lush life. Yes, the fires obscure much of the views of the Tetons and the Sawtooths, but that allows for our attention to be drawn to the life thriving beneath the forests and along the rivers. Take a moment, when you can, to smell the flowers, watch the wheat flow in the fields, see the birds soar above, and smell that beautiful pine forest smell. There is healing in nature, of that I'm for certain.

Here are pictures from this week, enjoy!!

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