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Mill Creek Trail!

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

A remarkable location just waiting to be explored! Mill Creek Trail can be accessed in Teton Canyon from the first parking lot on the dirt road. the trail winds through the pines and aspens for just over 2 miles before breaking into a high flowered meadow with a spectacular view of the Tetons!

The trail spans about 3.8 miles 1-way, however, after reaching the meadow and overlook, we decided to turn back as the evening light was beginning to wane. Truly a stunning vista, this little hike is perfect for evenings and Sundays. The forest was beautiful too! We saw several deer and the wildflowers were abundant! Wildflower season is in full swing in the Tetons now, with a wide range of color blanketing the hills and forest floor.

Next time you are in Teton Canyon, take a couple of hours and check out this gorgeous trail!

Here are a few photos from our trip, enjoy!

FYI, the photo quality is poorer than normal as I was using my phone camera lol. I forgot my actual camera!

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