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My #1 Spot!

What an absolutely beautiful hidden gem this next spot is! A friend of mine first told me about the falls from a trip he took a year before. However, the spot he went to happened to be another section of falls by the same name but downstream from this incredible spot. Those falls are nothing like the falls I'll talk about here. Turns out while looking for the hike he did, I happened upon this beautiful hike!

The road into Sheep Falls is pretty rough, and best accessed by an SUV or truck, but can be accessed carefully by a sedan and hatchback. The road is rough and has lots of boulders and sharp rocks. You follow the dirt road - 582 for about 15 miles or so until you reach a road with a wooden sign pointing you right with several labeled hikes. The road is called Goose Lake Road. Follow that until you reach Wyoming Creek road, at which point you'll see a small brown trail marker sticking out of the dirt and a clearing on the opposite side of the dirt road where you can park. You can drive all the way to the falls if, and only if you have a jeep, 4x4 buggy, or 4-wheeler. Otherwise I recommend the 3 mile hike in as the road becomes so bad you will likely destroy any other type of vehicle.

Sheep Falls is only accessible by car between mid-May to about mid-October, or from snow melt to snow fall. The road is then closed at the beginning of the 582, and any access to the falls would have to be through skis, snowshoe, or snowmobile --- about 20 miles one way.

The Falls are located along the Fall River near the border of Wyoming and the river's headwaters. I have seen moose, quail, marmots, and lots of squirrel in the area, as well as bear and cat tracks. Bring bear spray and/or a side arm for protection.

There are campsites along the road by the river with lots of trees, a firepit, river access, and enough clearing for tents. The area is nearly completely free of trash, please keep it that way! You can hike right up to the falls, though there are no guard rails, no signs, and no telling on how close you can get, so be careful and use common sense! The falls are truly a breathtaking sight, every time I visit I sit on the rocks above and use the time to get lost in thought. Like a mini Niagara, these falls cascade into the same churning pool and rush into the narrow gorge below.

I highly recommend making this a two day trip or more so you can explore and relax without feeling rushed. The night sky is incredibly clear out there so make sure to get some star gazing in while you are at it! I don't know how the fishing is in the river, but I have seen crawdads along the banks. I am serious when I say this is my favorite hike out here! The Falls are very remote, untouched, and simply stunning! Enjoy some pictures of mine from the area!!

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Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet
Mar 10, 2021

Awesome! I'm game!

Next adventure for us?! 😁

Mar 11, 2021
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