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New Roads!!

I've been told about these roads for some time now by a few locals. I kept hearing, "have you made it to Bone yet?" "How about Wolverine Canyon?" Well, now I can answer, yes! And boy oh boy was I impressed. I drove a large hour and a half loop beginning at Ammon Rd, heading south out of Idaho Falls. The subsequent route I took is as follows:

Ammon Rd -> Taylor Mountain Rd -> Taylor Creek Rd -> Wolverine and Sellers Creek Rd -> Bone Rd -> Sunnyside Rd.

Now, if you open a map and zoom in to the Taylor Mountain area, you will notice a multitude of back roads in the region. I can tell you now that many are inaccessible, either because they are so rough and poorly maintained, you'd need an ATV or something to explore them, or they are private property. There were many ranches, homesteads, and cabins in the woods along this route. To be frank, I eagerly searched for land out in this area once I got home, but the pickings are slim and expensive if available at all. Besides, this area only becomes accessible from about June to October-ish because snowfall covers the dirt mountain and canyon roads for 7-8 months at a time. Even now I found snow in shady spots high up in the pass over to Pasa La Coma from Taylor Mountain. Which pass was steep and the hairpin turns, truly nerve-wracking! No guardrails, and a washboard dirt road makes for quite the arduous experience trying to drive the thing at sunset.

Wolverine Canyon was remarkable!! I didn't even drive the extent of it, I only saw it for a few minutes before turning northeast and heading up into the mountains. But, what I did see was reminiscent to a wild-west movie scene, with a touch of amazon jungle and new-world explorer vibes. It was so cool! With the evening light, and the abundant aspen and pine trees before me, not to mention the stark cliffs and the distant mountains across the tight valley. I parked and simply admired the scene for awhile.

Needless to say, I have a lot more exploring to do in this area. I am more than excited to venture farther and farther into this unknown corner of East-Idaho. My map (covered with little red hearts representing all my spots) is empty in this area, and these roads extend all the way to Soda Springs! Just looking at aerial maps and such, I know there is a reservoir and a wildlife refuge out there, just waiting for me to explore.

Now, of course, life isn't just peaches and rainbows. My car has sprung an oil leak. These roads were BAD. I mean, washed out, rutted, muddy, steep, wash boarded, etc. Everything you'd expect to find on back-country mountain roads. They aren't the worst I've driven, but they aren't great either. I passed one fellow and his friends helping tow his truck out after it died. Just know, if your car dies out here, it's a real long walk to the nearest house, and a much longer walk to town. Be prepared as you can for car troubles, bad weather, bad roads, animal encounters, and more. These places are so worth the visit, but mother nature will always be more powerful than us. Don't take unnecessary risks. Be wise. Have fun! Find joy in the beauty around you. There is so much beauty here in East-Idaho!

Enjoy a few pictures from this evening's drive, some pictures from the last few days, and a few landmarks and road signs to look for as you drive these roads. Stay safe out there!

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