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November in the Park

A getaway to the mountains is all I need sometimes to clear my head and refocus my vision on what is most important to me in my life. My perspectives are elevated and my heart is healed when I bask in the beauty of our rugged, wild world. I love the word "wonder". To ask someone what they are wondering about, that's a remarkable thing. It's a miracle the world doesn't crash like a computer by all the things we think about as people all at once. When I stand in front of the mountains, I wonder at them. Questions of "why", and "how" float through my head as I bask in their grandeur. My problems and challenges are placed in perspective when I reflect on the time scale it takes to create such a presence.

November in the national park is far calmer than the busy summer months. Snow has blanketed the peaks while thick clouds glide just above the valley. Spotty rain and small snow flakes are carried in the brisk wind before landing rather abruptly upon your face. Beyond the colder weather, the park is quite inviting as so many of the tourists have left the area. The animals are out and about now with several major migrations in motion including elk, pronghorn, moose, and eagles coming and going with the change of seasons. The roads and lookouts are practically empty, especially in the morning hours when the big game are most active.

Our drive began early in the morning with an immediate encounter with two moose near the roundabout, we then quickly found another bull moose near Kelly, WY. Herds of elk and bison grazed in the distance, and eagles and ravens paid us close visits. I love the animals, watching them process the world around them and move about in their quiet unique ways. Though the mountains were mostly covered, sunlight found its way through and illuminated the hills and trees below. The mist and snow cast an ethereal mood across the landscape. It was all beautiful!

Life has been moving at such a quick pace lately. The mountains remind me to slow down and appreciate what's around me. I hope you find a moment to breathe this week. Find a quiet moment to pause and reflect on the life you live, and where you live it. Find the pace at which the planet and its creatures move and feel the harmony of it all.

Enjoy a few pictures from our trip!

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