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Old Yellowstone; New Life

Take a trip to the scar of Yellowstone's violent past: the Island Park Caldera. Having erupted 2.1 million years ago, the caldera is far different from its early self. Today vast forests, wetlands, rivers, and many species of woodland animals spread across the landscape. Driving from the south, enter the caldera by a narrow pass through the southern rim. Rise from the valley floor and embark on a beautiful drive into the forests and swamps of the caldera bowl. Continue north to Harriman State Park, and further north to Island park, Big Springs, and more!

Harriman State Park features miles of trails and vistas through the flood plain of the Henry's fork of the Snake River. Moose, swans, bear, deer, and more roam through the plains and hills. Island park presents a resort-like town with ample opportunity for guided river tours, world-class trout fishing, snowmobiling, and more. Whatever season you choose to visit the caldera in, there is plenty to do and see! Big Springs is a phenomenal site to visit, as the entirety of the Henry's fork gushes from the side of a mountain! Massive trout roam the protected spring waters, and Moose frequent the down river portion of the Henry's fork.

Take a drive west to the Island Park Reservoir and gaze upon the panoramic mountains and sagebrush fields. A variety of trails snake through the caldera, across plains and into the mountains. I have only skimmed the surface of the many trails and activities available here. Island Park and its surrounding spots are truly majestic places to visit and draw you back time and again. Enjoy a few pictures of my recent adventures!

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