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Pack a lunch! We're going for a short drive!

Rexburg, ID is perched atop a hill that overlooks the Snake River Valley. From the top of the hill, many of the listed hikes in my 2020 list can be seen in the rugged distance. My favorite thinking spot is nestled in the west facing slope of this hill, from which I have a crisp view of the Menan Buttes and the Lemhi and Lost River Ranges to the west, as well as the caldera rim of Island Park to the north, the sand dunes and Baldy Mountain to the northwest. Before I knew any of those places by heart, I began my first adventures to the south and southeast. Cress Creek Nature Trail is a mostly paved, easily navigated nature walk sculpted from the southern cliffs of the very topography Rexburg is built on. Only 20 minutes from town, this beautiful trail winds over ridges and into valleys east towards Kelly Canyon. Upon reaching the various ends and forks of the trail, one can continue onward up to the top of the ridge and rest in the cavities of the recent Yellowstone eruption rock deposits. The Cress Creek ridge rests above the powerful snake river due to fault movement millions of years ago. The foot wall of the fault lays before your eyes as you gaze south upon the spreading river valley, hills, farms, and the suburbs of Rigby and Idaho Falls.

Thoroughly underrated in my eyes, Cress Creek remains a favorite Sunday getaway of mine. A beautiful vista, perfect for sunset views. At the base of the trail and on the other side of the parking lot, a small bridge can be found, leading you to a base level walk along the eagerly moving Snake River towards the Railroad bridge to the west. Along this walk I have seen a variety of wildlife such as moose, deer, beaver, swans, geese, Bald eagles, and more. The trail and bridge are accessible all year round, though icy conditions during the winter can make some parts hazardous. There is a trail bathroom in the parking lot, and the road from the parking lot continues east to the connecting road towards Kelly Canyon, the local ski resort and another personal favorite spot of mine!

Here are some of my favorite pictures taken from Cress Creek and surrounding area, taken year round! Enjoy!!

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