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Paradise in North Idaho 🏕

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

I know these next spots aren't in East Idaho, but they are still in the state, so I wanted to share! Sandpoint, Coeur d'Alene, and Stanley are absolutely stunning!! I have already written a small post about Stanley and the Sawtooth mountains, so I won't include much more about them here besides that you should definitely make a trip out there! It is a remarkable area.

After visiting Challis and the Sawtooths, we took a trip north through Montana to the Idaho panhandle. I can't describe adequately enough just how incredibly beautiful the panhandle of Idaho is, even the pictures only do so much. As some of you know, land prices up there have skyrocketed because of various reasons. Because of this, it can be crowded in town, similar to Jackson Hole. This is a turn off for me. We chose to spend our time at a VRBO in the countryside near Sagle. The ranch owner put us in a house that existed as a part of the original homestead. This beautiful 35 acre property included wetlands where the rancher's 6 horses, wild deer and turkey grazed. It was a piece of heaven perfectly secluded in the hills. Unfortunately, this particular option for a vacation home has already been put on market and sold, otherwise I would highly recommend you stay there too! There are other Airbnb and VRBO options. We made several trips to Lake Pend Oreille to go fishing, swimming, and boating. The smoke cleared for about half the trip with a little bit of rain falling on our last two days. There are countless activities you can do up north, all year round. If you are ever in the area, I recommend a detour through the countryside and around the lakes!

Enjoy some pictures from our trip!

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