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Plein Air Painting

For those of you who don't know, I love to paint! My shop on this website features the pieces that are currently available, plus photos of all 100+ paintings I have done.

Plein Air painting is painting done on site outdoors. It makes painting a far more difficult task as light and weather changes make nailing down the exact coloring of the scenery challenging. But let me say it is difficult to describe just how peaceful it is listening to the rushing water, soft breeze, eagles crying, and much more as you paint the beauty in front of you! To capture the majesty of nature on a canvas is a talent of which I am forever grateful I am developing, and one I hope to eventually master.

I highly recommend trying this activity at least once at many of the spots I have listed on this website. There is so much incredible beauty around us here, there are countless subjects of paintings you could choose from! Artist, or not, an experience like this can be one of the most immersive nature experiences you could have. Painting what you see in front of you requires great attention to every detail. I have found this time opens up the door for sincere and deep contemplation and healing as I bask in the glory of our planet.

Here are a few pictures of several places I have plein air painted, enjoy!!

Photo credit for the first two photos go to Ryein Lloyd and Autumn Stevens.

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