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Summer Adventures with Kaylee!

I can get used to having a life time adventure buddy! Kaylee is and will forever be the love of my life. We have already had so many adventures together, I can't wait to see where we go from here. August can't get here any quicker!

Yesterday, we embarked on a 9 hour day with my sister to take engagement photos in Swan and Teton valleys. The day was perfect, and the views immaculate! The busy tourist season is ramping up to full steam so we made efforts to steer clear of busy roads and crowd favorite destinations. Although Teton Pass did officially open yesterday, we decided to stick to the Idaho side of the Tetons and bask in the hilly heaven that is Tetonia and Felt. I'm so excited to share the wonderful photos taken on such a beautiful summer evening.

Having started a full-time job this summer, I have had significantly less time to sit down and write. The next post I make will be a simple memorial post to my late father. His love for the outdoors and respect for nature carried through to me, and I miss him dearly.

Kaylee and I make an effort to get outside every week. The last few weekends we have spent on the water in and at locations such as Warm Slough, Blacktail Reservoir, Palisades Lake, Palisade Creek, and along the Snake River in Idaho Falls. Activities included kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, hiking, stargazing, and more. Our goal this summer has been to soak up as much sunshine and warmth as possible! We've needed the light and energy.

Wedding planning continues steadily, life marches on, and work calls my attention. Yet, through it all, I am reminded that it is in the simple and small moments where the sun shines just right on the hills, where the river flows quietly along the shore, or where birds sing in the fields as I drive home from work. Whatever it may be, those small and simple moments keep us going. They are filled with light and help dispel the persistent darkness that seems to rest over the world right now. Kaylee and I have remarked often how just getting outside can lift our moods so much! We love that we live in an area so beautiful and so accessible. Idaho is home.

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I concur, being outside in such beauty is light and "sunshine" to my soul - also salve and healing for my broken heart.

A beautiful post❣️

Very grateful you have each other, and at the beginning of your life's adventure, making each moment count, pausing to take note what is all around you, cherishing the time together and the moment at hand.

Appreciate you sharing, even with a busier schedule.

Thus the beauty of Idaho and your adventures continue to inspire and lift me / us! 💓

Replying to

Love you Mom 💜

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