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Summer's End - A Reflection of a Busy Season

Markets and work have been at the forefront of my mind this past month and a half. Besides a few excursions to the hills or scenic drives along the river while on my commute from town to town, I haven't gotten out much to take photos until today. A long overdo visit to Sheep Falls was in order after more than two years of not visiting! A trip well worth it, spent with good people, and without incident. A much needed time to ponder and rest after a long week.

This past month I found a new spot, visited the East Idaho State Fair, and participated in farmers and art markets across East Idaho. Sunsets, full moons, meteor showers, and more drew my eyes upward and gave me moments of pause after busy days. The beauty of east Idaho never ceases to amaze me, even while I go about my busy schedule. It's the small and simple things that impact me the most. as I drive north to Sugar City to work on the farm early in the morning, I look east to the silhouetted mountains, with soft orange and pink hues emerging across the dull grey-blue sky. Or at day's end I look up as I arrive home to see billowing storm clouds above my head, turbulent and graceful, a majestic dichotomy actively morphing above me. Then, evening light catches the edge of the storms, illuminating these lumbering giants in deep hues of orange and yellow. The miracle of flight, presented by planes in the sky, new life in flowers on hillsides, marvelous colors in everything I see. I find peace in these little moments. A deep breath and a smile awake me from my anxious thoughts, I am reminded of the beauty and peace that can still be found in a chaotic life.

My art has become my priority and focus. This year, being my first in which I really invested in developing my art business, has been a wild ride so far. Important, and often painful lessons have been learned as I continue to juggle a busy schedule. I don't know where my art will take me, or if this path I have chosen will succeed in helping me reach other, more lofty goals. But, what I have realized is that I am simply trying to bring light and life into a dark and dying world. All around us, we are constantly bombarded with messages of death and despair. Our phones draw from countless resources to tell us our world is in chaos. Is all of what we hear true? How can we discern what truly matters? How can I stand before this community and think I am making a difference when all I do is sell art? Is that enough? Questions like these, and many others, fill my mind as I pause during my busy days. I yearn for simpler times.

Life is hard, but life itself is beautiful. Just like a turbulent storm, there is an apparent contradiction to it all. Storms cause damage but also provide us with water. Without them, our land would dry up... I feel like a storm rages within me some days. In my attempts to establish normalcy, or define who I am, and what path I'm on, I realize I'm just winging it in this life like everyone else. Does anyone truly have their life figured out?

For now, I have a few eggs in my baskets. Wonderful opportunities with incredible people to share in the love of our world and the arts. For now, I will step forward into the dark confident that a path will be illuminated, doors will open, and dreams can and do come true as we persist and remain determined in our pursuits. For now, I realize I am happy, life is good, people are beautiful, and there is hope. Our perception of our world is entirely in our hands to alter. Reality is how we perceive it. Challenge your assumptions. Things are rarely as they seem, people too.

For now, enjoy a few of my favorite photos from the past few weeks! There is so much to be grateful for.




Plus, fyi, spots are still available for my painting workshops in October, reach out to me to sign up! For the month of September, I am the featured artist at the Handmade Idaho Shop in downtown Idaho Falls, and you can find me at the Teton Valley Art Market the next few Saturdays. Good things are happening :)

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Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet
Sep 25, 2023

You express yourself so beautifully!! In word and through your camera lens!!

Honest and full of integrity and important realizations!!

As I sit waiting in a hospital spot, with a drawn curtain, the cacophony of hospital life is momentarily drowned out by reading and viewing your recent posts - it transports me away in beauty and heart - thank you!!! 💓


Sep 26, 2023
Replying to

Love you Mom, thank you for sharing your appreciation, it means a lot to hear I've help made a difference 💜

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