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Sunflowers on Saturday 🌻

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

I have been pretty absent from the blog lately. Been over a month since I last posted. I have been torn on whether or not to keep this blog going. It appears, because of the ongoing pandemic and associated social and economic issues, people have flocked to the outdoors. In my local travels this past month and a half, I have noticed a sizeable increase in the amount of people outdoors trying to soak up much needed solitude in an effort to recharge. Yet, because of the influx of people, it seems that effort is in vain. Of course, that isn't entirely true. This earth is big enough for us all, and has much to offer her inhabitants. Not all of it is found in the National Parks. Not all of it requires long drives and hikes. If we cannot first care for and appreciate the world around us, how can we expect to care for and appreciate distant lands that others call home?

I hope that this blog will reach those searching for beauty in this life. I hope I can help open your eyes to the grandeur of the mountains and the ladybugs in the countless barley fields. There is true majesty all around us. Our eyes must open to that. Not just our physical eyes, it goes beyond that. As an artist, I am baffled by the intricacies present in even a wild sunflower. To paint something like that, requires layer after layer of detail and color. It is remarkable! Not to mention the complexities of a mountain or sunset.

Here are pictures taken over a month ago in a random field south of town. I truly hope you enjoy them!

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