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The Grand Tetons in May

Every time I visit this amazing National Park, I have a wonderfully unique experience! That's why I feel like I need to keep going back. Of course the views are 2nd to none, but each time I go and explore these gorgeous mountains, I run into something spectacular!

Teton National Park is open! The roads to all my favorite spots are free of obstruction and lightly traveled at the moment. The lakes have thawed out and the air has warmed. From about 10 to noon this morning, the day was perfect! I wanted to show a few friends around the park as a couple of them had never been before. We stuck to the main areas, and ventured in and out of park boundaries. We were graced with the sightings of mainly elk and bison, though smaller rodents, bald eagles, and a quail, made distant appearances throughout the day. We also had a great time meeting the horses near Cunningham Cabin. Bugsy, so we called him, was quite the charmer, walking right up to us for some much needed scratches.

The scenery was beyond picturesque, as meagerly displayed in the many photos below. Jenny Lake was a stunner as always, though I don't recommend swimming just yet, the water was ice cold! I can't express enough just how beautiful the Tetons really are. If you are trying to decide what time of year to go, I recommend mid-to-late May. The busy season for the park isn't in full swing yet, but the snow is melted and the roads are open. Keep in mind though, hiking in the backcountry to places like Delta and Amphitheater lakes will be difficult because of higher level snow pack.

Some prominent locations we visited today included T.A. Moulton Barn - Mormon Row, Schwabacher's Landing, Snake River Overlook, Cunningham Cabin, Oxbow Bend, String Lake, and Jenny Lake. Also, I feel it is important to note that the pass through Alpine, WY towards Swan Valley and the Palisade Reservoir is incredible! Plus it is much easier on your car than the pass from Victor to Jackson. The additional driving through Alpine will add about an hour to your overall trip back to Idaho but I really think it is worth the drive at least once!

Enjoy the pics from today! Let me know if you have any questions!

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