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The Ups and Downs of Adventuring

It was 9:30 pm, and after over 2 hours of stunning mountain views and several moose encounters, we hear a loud pop then a steady rumble from the back of my car. Never a sound you want to hear while driving in the backcountry. A 4 inch metal rod sat lodged in the rear left tire of my Rav4. At this point, the sun was down, and storms grumbled all around us. Because we were on a hill, I had to drive my crippled car down the road a ways to more level ground where I could then change the tire. It is a miracle the rim wasn't bent as I slowly navigated the washboards in the road. By about 10:15pm we were on our way again, this time at a steady 25 mph the rest of the way home.

Idaho in the spring-time is beaming with life! The greenery, especially this year, is astounding! Frequent afternoon storms have been the theme of May this year. As our climate changes from a La Nina cycle to El Nino, our weather patterns locally mirror the organized chaos. Over the past few days, my parents (visiting from out of town) and I have traveled to some of my favorite rivers and vistas within about an hour of town. At Wolf Flats, my dad and I counted 11 bald eagles along the river, a new record for me. The eagles called to each other from across the river, filling our ears and our hearts with powerful music that pierced the air above the sound of the rushing river. Along sky-line ridge road, we found 3 moose, including a large bull heading into the wetlands for a refreshing drink from the fresh snowmelt. The Tetons burst through the clouds Thursday evening for a short time, giving my parents a warm welcome from over 100 miles away!

Truly, every adventure I embark on has its ups and downs. To expect anything from my trips, is to breed disappointment. Unfulfilled expectations are among the worst pains we bring upon ourselves. We can break our own hearts. Instead, I approach each drive, hike, etc., with child-like enthusiasm and wonder. It is often the case where I will happen upon an incredible view, a rare animal, and take my most prized photos. Those moments are priceless and very unexpected. On the flip-side, I have also found there must be dark to contrast the light, and frustrating things like a flat tire at 9:30pm on a back road just happens sometimes. I will remember that experience for the rest of my life! Contrast is vital to not only paintings but life too, so we may know when the good times are truly here.

Be prepared and ye shall not fear. Be safe out there y'all and enjoy a few pictures from this week's adventures! (No moose photos this time, as it was too dark when we saw them to get clear pictures. Also, note the migrating pelicans!)

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Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet
May 31, 2023

Very nice photos of Tetons and eagles (love the 2's heads together); and write-up, especially about the vicissitudes of life and having a healthy attitude!

Very appreciative of our scenic drives with you! Especially enjoyed seeing how lit up you are with the revealed abundant Earth's discoveries! 😍😊

(The rod that popped the tire - easily 7 inches we thought.)

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