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Time for another road trip!!

Hop in the car, roll the windows down, play your favorite songs, and lets go! Destinations like Webster's dam and Luthy Meadow campground await! Though difficult to access during the coldest/snowiest months of winter (January-February), this beautiful area southeast of Rexburg has hidden treasures tucked away in its forested slopes. Embark on the endless road through the rolling fields, pass the train tracks and head towards the mountains on to a known or unknown destination. Whether you are on an afternoon drive or out for an adventure, this area in the nearby forests is perfect!

I only have pictures of Webster's dam from the fall months of 2020 during which the fires raging in the west left the sky a smoky brown for several weeks. I imagine many of the views we had would have been remarkable on a clear day, but the beauty of the smoky skies and deep red sun cannot go unnoticed. These hills, seen from the top of the hill in town, have always called to me; it was only in the last year I made a real effort to explore some up there. However, there are still many listed and unlisted trails, roads, and more that I have yet to explore. So, take a trip and feel free to share with me what you find!

One of my favorite activities, at this particular spot, is stargazing! Though the valley lights pollute some of the northwestern sky, the southern sky is especially clear and vividly alive. Meteor showers are great events to plan for here in Idaho as well as other astronomical events such as the recent NEOWISE comet; which I first saw from the hill in the second picture below. I feel like this area south of town is a hidden treasure still waiting to be discovered, yet at the same time, I hesitate to share it because its beauty is fragile and easily disrupted. Remember to be kind to the earth that gives so much to you! Thanks! Enjoy these few pictures :)

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Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet

Very nice write-up and photos!

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