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Wildflower Season - GTNP 🌸

The fields are alive with countless flowers painting the hills and valleys with brilliant reds, yellows, whites, blues, and more! Grand Teton National Park is absolutely stunning this time of year, as the summer season is in full swing.

This trip was focused on exploring some new areas in and around the park. We did visit some of the classic spots such as Mormon Row, Schwabacher's Landing, Snake River Overlook, Oxbow Bend, and Jenny Lake, all of which are stunning as ever. However, on our drive back to Idaho, I decided to take a little different route then normal as the park is quite busy right now. If you pull up your map and look at the area north of the Tetons between both National Parks, you'll find a road called Grassy Lake Road/Ashton-Flagg Ranch Road (Closed Winters). This 30+ mile dirt road features over a dozen small lakes, several dozen trailheads and campgrounds, and simply remarkable views of forests and wetlands. We had a black bear run across the road in front of us as we drove along, reminding me of the fact that bears do in reality make an appearance on occasion, so be careful out there! The vast fields we encountered were absolutely covered in a variety of flowers, a breathtaking sight! Several streams and rivers navigate there way along side the road throughout the entirety of the drive. Some cascaded down steep canyons and others flowed gently into pristine lakes. Union Falls, the second tallest falls in Yellowstone, can be accessed from the Cascade Creek Trail. A Horseback riding company is even nestled in these hills. What a sweet place to check out again! You could spend weeks exploring each road and trail.

Elk, deer, bear, bison, osprey, beaver, and many other animals graced us with their presence on this adventure. Please be mindful and careful around wildlife, too many people keep getting hurt in parks this year in animal encounters. These incidents very well could have been avoided.

I can't emphasize this enough: pick a road, drive it, see what you find! Here are pictures from today, enjoy!

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