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Going North!?

Take a break from those bustling highways, turn off the GPS, and put your adventure caps on 'cause we're going on a detour! Whether you are on your way to Ashton and Island Park, where many more great spots are, or speeding towards Driggs and Victor (home of even more spots), don't forget to bask in the incredible beauty hidden in plain sight.

You see, going on a drive can be a leisure activity, or it can be an art! How? Well, I believe that the best times to go on a drive are in the early morning, before the rise of the morning fog, or in the evening, right before sunset so you can catch that iconic golden hour on the pinnacled peaks surrounding you. See the amber waves of grain, the purple mountain majesties, really see it with your own eyes! Take a detour on to the unnamed farm roads, head north, east, south, or west, and just drive! Respect private property signs, but seriously, go explore some! See the horses, moose, deer, the farms, rivers, fields, and hills. Glance east towards the Tetons, and west towards the Lemhi range. See the rising caldera edge of Island park, gaze southwest on the spreading valley of bustling human life. These backroads hold secrets you'll never discover 'till you drive them. Perhaps they aren't meant to be discovered, perhaps so. I, for one, have found incredible beauty and peace on these forgotten roads and insignificant hilltops. The flooding sunlight, soft breeze, calming stillness, and majestic skies, all of it declares peace, life, hope, and growth.

There isn't just one spot out here, near Ashton or on the way to Tetonia, you'll find incredible beauty. These back roads lead to spots like the dunes, Sheep Falls, Mesa Falls, Alta, WY, the Civil Defense caves, Teton Dam, and many more. Of which I will soon share my personal favorite photos with you! For now, bask in the mediocre quality photos of truly indescribable beauty, taken in nowhere particular. Enjoy!!

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Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet

Sigh - soothes my eyes and heart - brings peace 😊 - the words and photos ....

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