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Hidden waterfall??

If you ever find yourself driving from Utah to Eastern Idaho, perhaps on your way to beautiful states like Montana and Wyoming or perhaps on your way to the beautiful Teton Mountains, makes sure to keep your eyes peeled for this humble yet stunning spot! Only a few minutes away from Highway 26 in Swan Valley, Fall Creek Falls cascades into the vast Snake River. Known as an incredible fishing location, as well as a beautiful swimming hole, among other things, this spot is very special! If you continue east down the dirt road, up into the hills, you'll reach a stunning overlook of the narrowing Swan Valley looking east toward the Palisade Reservoir. Continue further and you'll venture on to another spot I'll soon share with you! ;)

Whether I have been in the mood for a great float trip or a stunning vista to paint, this area has not disappointed. Fall Creek Falls eluded my attention for some time, surprisingly so, as the highway runs within less than half a mile of it on the other side of the river. However, you can't see the falls from the highway. So, for over a year I visited the valley many times and never knew about this beautiful spot until one day I decided to take a drive on a road I had never been before. I highly recommend this approach to adventuring in your own "backyard" per se. I have had more exciting and meaningful trips driving with little to no destination in mind. It really makes what I do find all the more special.

The falls originate from Fall Creek, which runs from the back hills that extend south towards Idaho Falls. There is a dirt road that forks from the falls road into the valley that holds Fall Creek. This road connects you to several campgrounds and trails miles back. It is an area I hope to explore more someday. I imagine the road may even exit the mountains and connect to the main roads of town on the south side of the mountains, but I don't know! Maybe one of y'all can help me answer that question!

Fall Creek Falls is accessible for a good amount of the year, though honestly I have never tried to go in winter time as the dirt road is narrow and icy during the winter as it winds through the shadows of the trees and peaks around it. A good destination for an afternoon out, this area is less than an hour away from Rexburg!

Enjoy a few pictures I have taken from several trips there. Remember to take care of this incredible state! I look forward to taking my future kids and grandkids to these areas.

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1 Comment

Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet
Feb 14, 2021

Your photos make it so appealing!😍 I want to go back and have enjoyed exploring that area with you!

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