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It's Fall! 🍁

The Fall colors have erupted here in the Inter-mountain west! The national parks and state forests are accented beautifully with bright yellow, orange, and red highlights seen for miles. The pictures do not capture even a tenth of the vibrancy of the poplars and aspens in their peak color. For only a week or two the deciduous trees and underbrush transition from their vibrant greens to their bare branches, later to be accented by layers of snow. This transition is not unknown, rather, has made this time of year the nation's favorite time to visit the Tetons!

The park was busy today. The elk and moose are in full antler and can be heard calling in the mornings and evenings. The bears are plump and have been seen all over the park and surrounding area. But the main attraction, for many, is the popping colors across the range! Oxbow bend is beyond picturesque, Schwabacher's Landing is stunning as ever, the Tetons never cease to amaze! I highly recommend getting at this week to see the colors, either locally, or if you can, to the parks.

I also made my rounds in Swan Valley and by the Palisade Reservoir at Calamity campground and along the back roads. The peaks surrounding the reservoir are lit up in the evening light, even more so with the vibrant color dotting the slopes. The mountain roads were inspiring. I don't know how else to describe the scene. I'll let the pictures say the rest!It was a remarkable day of driving!

Here are a few pictures from today! Enjoy!!

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Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet
27 Eyl 2021

Stunning photos Scott!! 😍 SO pleased you share so well, visually and written, in such a way, especially with us! Very glad you had a refreshing, rejuvenating and wonderful day yesterday!

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