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It's Ski Season!

In preparation for today's snowboarding trip, I took a drive a few days ago to the Heise area and Kelly Canyon to scout out the snow conditions. Well over 4-5 dozen deer lined the road and appeared in the sagebrush and juniper trees near Heise. The waning golden light of the distant sun poured through the break in the clouds along the horizon and lit up the frosty world below. The snow this year is abundant! One of the best snow years Kelly Canyon Ski Resort has had in years, according to one of their employees at the parking lot, and I would agree!

Today, my friend and I left at 8:30am to reach Kelly before the crowds hit. Thick powder (~ 1ft in places, especially at the peak) coated the nearly untouched slopes! We paid a discounted student price for a full day lift ticket (~50$) Normal day passes are about 75$. All current prices are listed on the Kelly Canyon website. The crowd slowly trickled in as the day continued. When we left around 2pm, there was a decent line at the new ski lift near the lodge, but nothing like student skiing nights where the line will go to the parking lot. Parking was well organized by the resort personnel, and the lifts ran smoothly and without issue. Altogether, we felt like we made away with highway robbery for how much we got out of the day for the cheap price we paid! Both Jacob and I have our own gear, so that helps with the price.

The canyon was stunning today! The ice/snow covered trees were beyond beautiful, and reminded me of frosted trees you'd see in a little train set placed neatly under the Christmas tree. It was truly a winter wonderland as large flakes fell through scattered sunshine and landed gently on our skin. The wind was practically nonexistent for most of the time we were out, only picking up towards the peak.

I highly recommend getting to Kelly this year! The snow and price is well worth it!

Enjoy a few pictures we got over the last few days!

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Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet
18 dic 2022

Looks SO beautiful!! 😍🏂🗻❄️😁

Looks like you and Jacob had great fun!! So glad you had the opportunity to go!! Did you feel acclimated and apt on the board, or was it adjusting to it at first since it'd been awhile.

This will be another great post to share with the grands with the Winter themed write-up and photos! 👏😊

Thanks for another great share!!

Me gusta
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