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Mesa Falls Scenic Byway 🌄

Do you like evening drives on winding roads through pine forests? What about waterfalls, mountain peaks, moose, and more? I love this simple drive to Mesa Falls! I have written before about the area, including the 2 mile hike down to the lower falls and expressed just how neat of a place this is, but I think it can't be overstated. There are so many roads and trails that branch off the main road that are begging to be explored. The scenic byway navigates through dense forest on the outskirts of the Island Park caldera, eventually connecting to routes near Big Springs (the beginning of the Henry's Fork of the Snake River). Moose, elk, bear, and other forest animals are abundant in these parts. There is endless opportunity for adventure and connection with nature out there, I am excited to hear what y'all find on your drives!

Tonight was perfect for a quick excursion to catch the evening light as it bathed the tree line in soft yellow light. The air was brisk and the wind light. A moose casually crossed our path as we pulled onto the falls road but quickly evaded our cameras as he dipped into the dark forest. I was especially excited to see the Tetons peaking over the hills, standing as iconic examples of purple mountain majesties. Brief stops at the upper falls and the lower falls overlook provided relaxing views of the cascading falls. I highly recommend this drive! Here are a few pictures from tonight, enjoy!!

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