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It is difficult to express the beauty of a place to one that has never seen it. To try to explain and expound upon the brilliant colors, the diverse landscape, the sounds, smells, etc. Through the photographic medium I have found a means of expressing this beauty with a few snapshots. This never seems to suffice! Coupled with paint on canvas, I can capture and express my perspective on the remarkable landscapes of the Rockies. The only way I have found to share with others the incredible nature surrounding us is by showing them! I love evening drives to the hills with windows down and ambient music softly playing. Combined with great company, these drives can be quite memorable.

Fall in the Rockies means color, lots of color! Bright leaves shine at golden hour. Contrasted by the deep forest greens of the pines, and accented by the yellow grass, the hills truly come alive! Framed by bold mountains and distant blue hills, it is easy to lose track of time as you rest in the face of so much beauty.

Today began as an educational trip. We met up with seismologists from the Idaho National Laboratory in the Centennial Mountain Range. There we replaced an out-of-date seismometer installed in the 1970s. With this upgrade, scientists from the national lab can monitor this seismically active region of east Idaho as a major earthquake would adversely affect the lab and surrounding populous regions. While out in the mountains, and between digging holes and trenches, I paused and looked across the forest and plains below. The color, smells, and view captured my attention. Our drive back to town took us through the lava fields and past sheep herds and around sand dunes. Our professor carried on about the geologic history of the region over the last 16 million years, pointing left and right as we passed geologic feature after geologic feature. Having this expansive perspective in mind, the land around you becomes all the more impressive! To understand the forces required to form every rise and fall in the land is beyond a half-hearted comprehension.

The passage of time, change of seasons, progression of life, and development of relationships add dimension to our mortal experience. So many of my favorite spots hold multiple meanings associated with varying experiences in each location. Some bitter, some sweet, these memories further enrich the experience of gazing across potato fields and off to the distant mountains.

I feel complete here. I feel at peace in these hills. Why look elsewhere for a sense of belonging when my soul longs to be here! Even after a long day working in the mountains, I immediately returned with a friend to extend the peace I had found.

Graduation looms on the horizon. Time marches on. I have decisions ahead of me that will lead me to many more incredible things. This puts a fire under me to make the most of what time I may have left as a young student and bachelor, to explore and experience East Idaho as it is, every month of the year!

So, with all this in mind, I share a few more pictures so as to continue reminding you this Earth is amazing!


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1 Comment

Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet
Oct 07, 2022

Pretty, pretty, pretty!!! 🍁🍃🍂😍

So pleased you feel and can express so well - such belonging in East Idaho - a true blessing, in your life, and also in ours!!

Glad the school trip went well and you had the opportunity and made the most of it!

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