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Off-road adventure!!

Disclaimer: We did not access this hike the way you are supposed to as the road in was closed at the time for some reason. So, with that said, I recommend checking out AllTrails, the app, for info on how to access these trails, as well as many of the others I mention in this blog!

Aldous and Hancock lakes are nestled beneath Baldy Mountain right along the border between Idaho and Montana. The trail to the lakes actually follows the Continental divide trail for a couple of miles! So if you're in the mood to hike to New Mexico or onto Canada, here's a place to start! Our off-roading adventure to find the lakes took us through some desolate land with a few ranches dotted along the way. My friend and I went in mid-October, so the land was pretty dry and brown. We hope to visit the area in June to catch wildflower season in full bloom!

These isolated lakes are quite the sight and can be accessed by a 5 mile in-and-back trail. The trail gets rather steep at times, especially between Aldous and Hancock. Aldous has a lot more vegetation in and along the lake, while Hancock is rockier and at higher elevation. During this time of year, we preferred Aldous, and would even camp there had we had a couple of days.

I loved the whole experience this hike and drive had to offer. The area is rugged, and in comparison to the Tetons, practically untouched by people. Of course this is a named trail, so it is maintained and trafficked at times, but if you are in the mood for some isolated hiking, this is the place for you! We didn't run into a single person the whole day, and only saw horse tracks and dung indicating a group of people may have visited a day or two before. Because of that, I would highly recommend carrying bear spray and/or a sidearm. We did find a lot of deer tracks, but didn't see any other wildlife besides that. I imagine a variety of predator and prey frequent the area so be careful.

A great day trip, only an hour and a half north of Rexburg. Hop into a sturdy vehicle and head on up to Aldous and Hancock lakes for an gorgeous day in the mountains! Here are a few photos of mine from our trip, enjoy!!

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Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet
Mar 10, 2021

I want to go!

Getting me a pair of 1st x hiking shoes in anticipation 😊

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