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Spring Runoff and Raging Sheep Falls

Finally! The snow has melted enough in the hills that we could visit one of, if not my favorite spot in east Idaho! Sheep Falls is raging this time of year. The recent warm weather has accelerated snow melt along the Teton Range thereby inundating the river systems with fresh runoff. Normally, this river and subsequent falls are steadily flowing, providing a modest, picturesque waterfall. This weekend, however, the water level was at least 3 to 4 feet above what I have seen before. The Falls nearly blended in with the raging water below. The sound and sight of it was awesome! In all sense of the word!

This time around, we made a point to explore more of the hills around the falls, and actually found a beautiful overlook of both sections of the falls (as seen in the 1st picture). The pictures really don't do this place justice. There is nothing like sitting right above a large river cascading over bedrock. Several game trails and horse trails snake through the trees and ridges surrounding Sheep Falls. Next time I'm out here for a couple of days, I want to explore the area more and see what else we can find!

In total, we hiked 8 miles out and back. It was only a 5 mile round trip to the falls but our additional adventures added to the trip distance. Included in the photos are views from the fields and hills in the valley on the way to Sheep Falls, upon which you get beautiful panoramic views of the Teton Range with aspen groves, ranches, and old buildings accenting the peaks.

I really hope y'all will take the chance to get out to this spot, it really is a remarkable place; one I share carefully as part of its beauty is due to its remote and protected nature. We only saw a couple of people driving the backroads, but had the falls to ourselves for the entire afternoon and evening. I love Sheep Falls! Take some time to visit next time you are in the area, you won't be disappointed.

Here are our pictures from this weekend, enjoy!!

PC: Myself, Dallin Cravens, & Saria Taylor.

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1 Comment

Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet
Jun 07, 2021


Tremendous experience for all of you!

Hope to go someday! For now, vicariously through you!

The photo of you - 😍

The tree in the rock - 😁 - awesome!

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