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St. Anthony Greenbelt!

It's another smoky August day here in the valley, our once blue sky is now a hazy grey/brown hue. As part of my recent new job, Rover, I had the opportunity to walk this beautiful dog! She and I traversed the 2.8 mile out-and-back trail that follows the Henry's Fork of the Snake River. The same river that passes beneath Bubble and Red Road bridges just down stream. See my recent posts for more details!

The path is well marked, decently maintained, dog-friendly, and nice overall! The major downside to a nature walk here is the overbearing presence of the highway just meters away from you most of the time. Granted, this is a city greenbelt, not a peaceful meadow in the middle of nowhere. With that in mind, she and I still enjoyed ourselves!

This area is open to hunting, so be mindful of that. Also, it is only open from dawn till dusk. Large wildlife do frequent this area, including moose. Though today only osprey and geese made their presence known.

If you want a nice walk along a pretty river close by, this is certainly a place to try! Parking is in the adjacent lot next to the Exxon gas station just north of the overpass that takes you into downtown. The official name of this trail is the Henry's Fork Greenway, and is findable on Google!

Here are a few shots from today, let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy!

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1 Comment

Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet
Aug 11, 2022


Nice you could go with such a fine canine companion!

It's interesting to see she has such a long coat for her breed.

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