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Sunrise...Sunset 🎵

As an artist, nothing fills my soul with more joy and peace than gazing upon evening light bathing the world in that soft alpine glow! Every state will argue that they have the best sunsets. I'm not here to do that. I have visited the vast majority of the states, from what I've seen, all their sunsets come from one sun, and it's that sun that fuels us all, so is it really any one state's claim? Sure, we can go into the amount of dust or smoke in the air, etc. But what I like to focus on, is that I am there, wherever there may be, experiencing that particular sunrise or sunset. I may be the only one truly seeing and appreciating that set of clouds lit up from that vantage point. I get to be inspired by another of God's masterpieces!

I love color! It's incredible to me that the full range of visible light can be in the sky at any given moment. I mean, come on, how is that not the coolest thing!? Sometimes, the only exploring I'll do in a given week is just trying to find the best vantage point for that evening's sunset. A walk up the hill in Rexburg gives you so much open sky.

While you are out exploring these spots I am sharing with you, as well as the many others all over the world, take time to pause and look to the skies! Bask in the glory of our planet and all therein. Feel your place in the universe confirmed to you as you personally get to witness what is often overlooked by others.

Happy travels everyone! Here are a few personal favorite photos of Idaho sunsets, enjoy!!

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