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Sunset in the Ashton Hills

hill Snow is on its way here to east Idaho. Rolling in from the southwest, these storms bring much needed precipitation to the high plains and hills surrounding Rexburg. I had to get out and catch the barren roads one more time before they become near impassible over the next few weeks. This time I headed north towards Island park. Henry's Fork of the Snake River winds its way along the base of the caldera rim of Island park through a tight canyon leading to and from Mesa Falls (a beautiful, must-see feature of Henry's Fork). Once the fork hits the valley it begins to meander down to its connection with the main channel of the Snake.

The roads were barely just clear of snow allowing me to venture onto the dirt roads along the south end of the caldera rim which follows the river below. Several picnic and river-access spots dot the bank of the river. Various animals call this stretch of river home including two bald eagles I found soaking up the last bit of evening sun before the long, cold night ahead. I made it to the Ashton Hills Estates just in time to catch the sun peaking beneath the storm clouds. Rays of light illuminated the valley below while casting long shadows through the hills. The Tetons and the mountains south of Rexburg were shrouded in the low storm clouds offering a bold, dark backdrop to contrast the brilliant sunset to the west.

I needed this drive, to get out, to find peace of mind. The 2 hour overall trip gave me time to think and feel. Then to be blessed with such a view, I couldn't help but share what I saw tonight with you! Sometimes the connection to nature we yearn for can be satisfied by a simple sunset in the country.

Here are a few pictures from tonight:


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1 Comment

Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet
Feb 21, 2022

Healing and helpful!

Very nice you took and received this opportunity with creation - the wonder continued to be described well in word and visual!

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