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☀ Sweet Summer Vibes ☀

Long summer days, brilliant sunsets, cool water, gorgeous scenery, there's so much to see! Yet the best of times have come as we have simply been and felt gazing upon sunset after sunset, or sneaking a peak at a shy deer as it darted into the trees. I want everyone to know just how inspiring our planet can be!

The tall grasses of the plain wave gently in the warm breeze, with chilled mountain water flowing gently through the meandering river channels of the Snake. Birds of all shapes and sizes soar on the crisp air calling out to their kind out of sight. Crops grow to maturity across the valley, coating the rich ground with brilliant lime greens that shine boldly in the evening light! Towering storm clouds roll in and out of our little slice of heaven bringing healing rains and cool breezes. The towering peaks of the Tetons, Beaverhead, Lemhi, and Centennial mountain ranges are graced perfectly by the setting sun, lighting the eastern peaks a brilliant purple/pink hue.

I am in awe each time we drive out of town and see the changing landscape. Life flourishes in the few warm months we have. The once brown and grey landscape is now a lush green paradise! The national parks are incredible and well worth the visit, but you can see remarkable beauty much closer and for far cheaper! I love our national forests and BLM land, what a blessing to have land set aside for recreation and the pursuit of peace. Even a drive up the hill can enlighten and inspire as you are brought to the fringe of the town and can see for miles.

Within the last two weeks we have visited the St. Anthony Sand Dunes, drove to the hills east of Rexburg, floated the Warm Slough section of the Snake 3-4 times, and have driven to and around Idaho Falls. Nothing extreme or wildly expensive. I'll let the pictures below speak for how good the experiences have been.

Gas is expensive, I know. I'm currently out of a job, otherwise you would see at least 3 posts of just the national park within the last week. I promise there are ways to enjoy the surrounding beauty of the part of the world you are currently in. A good place to start is a sunset drive, find a grassy field, a small stream, some animals, a rise in elevation, trees, rocks, etc. They light up perfectly in the waning light!

Let me know if you have more ideas on how to get out and explore, or if you have any questions! I'd love to hear from you.

Enjoy a few pictures from the past couple of weeks!

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Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet

Yes, our planet is truly inspiring!!

Our Sunday drive today pales in comparison. SO pleased you have what you have around you!!

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