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The Henry's Fork at Bubble Bridge

Spring semester has come to a close and summer is completely upon us now. As if by invitation, the smoke is back, shrouding the distant mountains around us. Likely to remain for the next 3 months, the smoke can feel overwhelming, discouraging trips to mountain vistas and thick forests. Now is the time to explore our river valleys!

Last night, we made our final outing of the semester simple with a fire along the river at sunset. We roasted beer brats and starbursts over the fire after wading in the shallows chasing minnows. It was simply beautiful! The sound of the water gently flowing over the rocks with birds active in the trees and bugs in the grass was so peaceful.

I would not recommend jumping into the river from the bridge. In fact I highly discourage that! The basalt lava flows just below the surface of the water are difficult to see from the bridge and are sharp/dense rock. Even wading in the shallows was sketchy as the rock was coated in slick algae.

For what plans we had, the location was perfect! It is incredible how healing it can be to just sit next to a river and a campfire and rest for a moment. To clear your mind and let your thoughts flow.

I'm grateful for the friends I have and the world I live in! Enjoy a few shots from the evening (there aren't many as I forgot my camera; these were taken on my phone)

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Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet
Jul 27, 2022

Just gorgeous 😍!!

Glad you got to enjoy this beautiful evening in Summer!

Was that you in the water?

Jul 27, 2022
Replying to

That's my friend, I was behind the camera as always haha

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