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The Mountains: where Fall and Winter meet 🍁❄

Roads north wind through the hills to Yellowstone and Montana. Countless lakes, rivers, and waterfalls dot the landscape. You can seriously get lost in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest as you drive and hike year-round! Tonight I drove up near Mesa Falls, but made a detour east towards the Tetons. I found a road called Fish Creek Tr. that snakes through the hills all the way towards the southern edge of Yellowstone National Park. Amazingly, this road is paved for miles through the forest, which is rare for the north-Teton roads. I ran into several hunters and a few people gathering firewood, plus a deer and some pheasants along the drive, but besides that, for most of my trip I was alone and the forest was quiet.

Most of the pictures below were taken along Robinson Creek Road and N 4500 E, both of which I have driven and posted about in the past. Perhaps next year after the snow melts I will return to the Fish Creek Tr. road and follow it the rest of the way north. There are several trail heads and additional side roads out there I can't wait to explore!

Here a few pics from tonight, enjoy!!

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Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet
Oct 17, 2021

Truly beautiful! The evening hues are especially stunning!

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