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The Search for the Teton Moose!

Today's journey was centered on my hope to find moose in full antler with the incredible backdrop of the Tetons to top it off! I had confidence I would find at least one as this is the close of rutting season and the moose are particularly active! Little did I know I wouldn't find just one or two, but 15 moose!! They were all over the river valley, often grouping with three or four others! I even found a famous bull named Hoback!

I have written many times about the Tetons, so I'll spare you another novel, but seriously, this place never gets old!! I honestly can say this was my favorite trip I have ever taken! The stormy skies cleared perfectly for the peaks to show, but remained just above them to coat the pass and hills with a brilliant white snow. I was in awe with each vista I came across even though I had seen them many times before. I can't explain it, but I felt a hole in my heart begin to fill and continue to fill as soon as I crested the first hill and glimpsed my favorite mountain range! Then to stumble into moose after moose, I was in heaven! I love the healing I find in these mountains, I hope you can find the same as you behold these majestic peaks!

Here are pics from today, enjoy!!

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