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The Shortest Days

I have put off writing another post for a couple weeks as I haven't taken many pictures or explored much. The semester is rapidly coming to a close bringing loads of work and stress. It seems as though I don't have enough time in the day to complete everything I am to do. On that note, I realize the days are, in reality, shortening, leaving less and less day-time to not only finish work but also explore and see the winter landscapes developing around us.

However, as I look back through my photos from the last few weeks, I notice a theme: Sunsets, loads of them! I have left class and work just in time to catch several vibrant and breathtaking sunsets! Given enough time I take short drives to the hills and rivers to capture even better views of the color as it washes over everything in sight! This winter has been slow to produce the snow we so desperately need, but hasn't held back on the cloud cover that makes for a perfect canvas for the sun to paint its masterpieces.

A brilliant setting sun to catch your attention. Followed by brilliant color swept across the sky to hold your breath. Followed, so subtly, by that soft twilight glow to grace your heart with peace and your mind with gentle memories of days past. Finished by the return of trillions of stars, galaxies, our moon, and much more just out of reach inviting us to ponder the wide expanse of time and eternity. What other beauty ought I write about when the sky, infinite space, and our sun exist so persistently without us hardly noticing. What more can be written about such majesty? I instead will leave you with what I managed to capture with a lens, with a reminder to look up once in awhile and breathe. Take it all in, and let it all go!


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