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Visit Sacajawea's Home!

A lesser known fact of the Snake River Plain, ID, is that this area is where the famous Native American guide, Sacajawea, lived much of her life! The expert tracker, mother, and guide to Lewis and Clark, knew these mountains, hills, and rivers far better than I do. To think that she once walked the same ground I now do, is remarkable to me. Take a short trip from R-mountain or Warm slough and head on over to the hunting preserve of Cartier Slough. This gorgeous area is set aside for mostly waterfowl hunting but also deer and rabbit, among others, though hiking is allowed in the slough. The trails and waterways whisk you back a hundred years to simpler times when this area of the plain was far more wild. Other areas outside of the slough are also open to public access by dirt bike/ATV trails and take you straight to the river where, at times, I have gone with my friends and family to enjoy a nice campfire and even catch a glimpse of the moose and swans that frequent the area!

Cartier Slough is off limits to target shooting, camping, and subsequently, fires. Please respect that. Other areas of the river are open for these activities and more. For more details on where to go, reach out to me!

This truly beautiful and remote area, in the sense that not many vehicles can tame the bumpy road, is well worth the adventure to see where the many winding dirt roads east and west of R-mountain will take you. Enjoy these pics from that area!

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Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet
Feb 12, 2021

So pretty! Especially the mirrored / reflection photos!

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