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Wade Lake and others- Montana!

Today we explored one of the most remarkable alpine lakes I have ever been to! Perhaps it was the calm, warm day, or the lack of people, or simply the mood we were in as we arrived, but seriously guys, this place is amazing! By the time we left, we were the only people walking the section of shore as far as we could see. There were still others at the campsites, but the lake was so quiet! It was incredible. You could hear the loons landing in the glassy water across the lake, and hear birds calling in the trees.

Wade Lake is located just north of Henry's Lake and the Idaho border. This spring-fed alpine lake stays mostly thawed all year round and even now is crisp and cool. The glassy water changes from a deep blue to a glossy green-blue, reminiscent to the Caribbean waters of the Atlantic! Abundant life frequents this area, with loons, crawdads, trout, bats, and small rodents making appearances today! This is bear country, so as always, be wise and aware.

Wade Lake is one of 3 alpine lakes within a short distance. We also saw Cliff Lake just down the road. Another lake can be hiked to from Cliff lake. We spent most of our time this afternoon on the waters of Wade, kayaking and swimming in the brisk clear water. It was stunning! I don't know how to express it beyond that. I love this place so much! It does feel like a local secret, or rather a treasure, so treat it as such when visiting.

Our drive then took us over to Quake Lake near West Yellowstone, where we saw first-hand the remnants of the colossal landslide that occurred in 1959 following a substantial earthquake. This landslide created a natural earthen dam, blocking the Madison River, thereby creating quake lake. Trees in that valley still poke up through the depths of the lake, reminders of the violent past. It was a sobering part of our drive.

We finished our adventure by driving Fish Creek Road around Island Park, then back home. This long forest road was stunning at golden hour! Located in the remote western edge of the ancient caldera, the road climbs in elevation into the thick pine forests of the region. There it winds south for miles with little view beyond miles and miles of trees. The evening red and orange-yellow light poured through trees at intervals as we passed small clearings. It was a great way to end the day!

I am so happy to have finally made my way north to cross a few of these spots off my list so I can share them here with you! You seriously need to see Wade Lake! The 2 hour drive north is worth it.

Here are pictures from today's trip! Enjoy :)

(Some of the photo credit goes to my friends Matai and Dallin)

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Catherine Sweet
Catherine Sweet
Aug 31, 2022

Wow, Wow, WOW!! 😍

That lake is just 2 hours away?!!

I know for sure, I want to live in Idaho!!

Very pleased we can live vicariously through you for the time being! Thanks!! 💓

(Still want a kayak ride😉)

Aug 31, 2022
Replying to

Y'all would absolutely love it at Wade Lake! I would be happy to take you out on the kayak there. Access is easy, and the water is beautiful. This is a must next time you visit!

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